lil_wyked (lil_wyked) wrote in wyked_writs,

Dear WyKeD

Here I set, upset, confused, and feeling utterly like a sucker. I feel like I have given Justin everything he asked for. I realized the mistakes I made and I have tried...patiently, patiently I've make things right. I have changed the way I think, the way I act, the way I live! Nothing is good enough. He still wants to leave! He yearns to leave! He looks at Rockford like it's his jewel in the rough. Like it's some kind of shangrala! Like it's salvation for pity's sake! Why can't he see that the devil takes many forms and as tempting as no worries and no bills may sound that there is always a catch??? When will he stop looking for the better deal? Why can't he live and learn and grow?

Why am I putting up with this.

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